First Level Tea Art Specialist


First Level Tea Art Specialist


Personal training with Yin Na in Chongqing China includes a tea farms tour and tea house visits. Students will gain an understanding of the sophisticated art of Chinese tea, and build the foundation to becoming a genuine Tea Art Specialist.  This offers a comprehensive understanding of the flavor characteristics, cultivation issues, and processing methods of all tea categories. Students will also learn the function and aesthetics of Chinese tea rituals, and gain an appreciation for the history and culture of tea arts.

In addition to academic knowledge, each course provides hands-on training and tea tasting. Together, the courses help students appreciate Chinese tea as a fine art, and promote the understanding about tea quality.

The  subject areas for Mastering Chinese Tea Art Fundamentals:

1.     Tea Classification & Processing I (Green, White, Yellow, and Black Tea)

2.     Tea Classification & Processing II (Oolong Tea, Dark Tea)

3.     The Six Different Kinds of Tea – why you choose the different teas

4.     Etiquette

5.     Understanding Tea Sets

6.     How to select the best teas

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