Springtime Tour of China's Tea-Growing Regions

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Springtime Tour of China's Tea-Growing Regions

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Route 1: Mount Emei Zen Tourism

Tour itinerary: Mount Emei - chamagudao - acres of mountain forest tea - Buddha Temple - Yuanjue sanbanggulsa – return

Mount Emei, located on the edge of Sichuan basin, is one of the four sacred Buddhist sites in China. It is also a place where tea is made. There are beautiful peaks, ancient temples, perennial clouds, and beautiful scenery. Several thousand years ago, Mount Emei’s profound Buddhist culture and tea culture blended with each other, forming a unique tea culture system. This trip will combine tea trip and Zen journey through a "Zen Tea Trip", so that visitors can not only take the millennium tea horse road, and experience the tea from there, but also to enjoy the worship in the temple by the master blessed by the Zen and feel Mount Emei’s unique aftertaste. "Zen tea + tourism" = infinite charm.

Many of the local tea gardens were built at an altitude of 1000 to 1300 meters on Mount Emei. It is a national ecological forest. There are more tea horse roads and many other things for us to better trace and protect, this is a very good tea tour route.

Route 2: Mount Wuyi Rock Tea Tourism

Tour route: Wuyishan - Center View - Mei Village – impression of Dahongpao - Long Beach tea company - Tea Class - Valley Roaming - Drifting Jiuqu Xi - Tianxin temple – return

Wuyi Rock tea grows in the unique scenery of the Wuyi Mountains. It also has a unique aroma and taste. When we come to Mount Wuyi, we make a deep understanding of how Chairman Mao Zedong presented Rock Tea for President Nixon as a gift in a historic visit. Going further into the Rock Tea origins will be a worthwhile trip.

A fine spring picking season belongs to the Wuyi Rock Tea travel route, with visitors to exploring the Mount Wuyi center view. Visit and enjoy the traditional ancient village, landscape, and performances. You can learn the Dahongpao tea production process and participate in it. In addition, see the basic science of making white tea, black tea - even Ikebana flower arrangement. The best time to visit is at the beginning of April to the middle of May.

Route 3: Green Tea Tourism in Wuyuan County

Tour itinerary: Wuyuan - Kaoshui Organic Tea Garden - Yao Wan - Lin Shan Organic Tea Garden Company - Ancient Village - Teahouse - Grotto - Sixiiyan Village - Dream Home Landscape Performance - Xiaoqi - Huang Ling - Wangkou - Gukeng Organic Tea Garden – return

Wuyuan county’s green hills and mountains are where tea is most fragrant. China’s Green Tea Township is the core region of the Golden Triangle of Chinese Green Tea. Wuyuan tea has a long history and rich culture. Wuyuan is rich in tea tourism resources, ancient tea culture remains, but also a modern standard tea garden scenery. It is both a mature tourist boutique route, and also the original ecological tea culture experience. There is a long history of Huizhou Oxbow, to explore the former Wuyuan antique tea, tea merchants walking track. At the end of the tour, drink at the Wuyuan Green Tea springhead.

Route 4: Pu'erh Tea Tourism in Xishuangbanna

Tour itinerary: Xishuangbanna -Mount Nannuo - Grand Manor - original wild elephant valley rescue breeding center - Sun River National Forest Park - the Pu'erh tea Expo Garden – return

This route includes picking up Pu'erh tea from the famous mountain in Yunnan province. Experience the traditional handmade tea of ethnic minorities, drink the fragrant and mellow taste of ancient Pu'erh tea, and understand the extensive and profound culture of Pu'erh tea. With hand made tea, and a one-stop cultural depth experience, there are big benefits in this area. Enter the wild elephant valley, visit the rescue elephant, feed the wild elephants, understand the rescue and protection of the Asian elephant, and interact closely with them. Also, visit the Tea Expo Garden, experience tea making, and get a better understanding of the culture of Pu'erh Tea.

Route 5: Green Tea Tour in Mount Huangshan

Tour itinerary: Huangshan City - Mount Huangshan - Tunxi Old Street - Tea Museum - Xie Yu Tang acres of ecological tea - return

The tea tour will start from Huangshan City and visit the Hong Village in Yixian County, Mount Huangshan and Tea Museum in Anhui province. The journey not only appreciates the beautiful feelings of Anhui architecture and cultural heritage, but also enjoys the stones of wonders in Mount Huangshan. Experience the fun of picking tea, fried tea and tea making.

The Tea Museum in Anhui Province is the first tea culture museum, built according to Anhui style. Exhibitions include the production of tea history, Huangshan Maofeng Tea, and tea ceremony as a whole. The museum educates to the culture of Anhui and tea culture as the theme of cultural collections. 

Route 6: Oolong Tea Tour in Anxi County

Tour itinerary: Anxi County - West Ping Town Tieguanyin Tea Reserve – Defeng Tea Manor - traditional Tieguanyin production - Tea Museum – Mount Feng - Tea Grand View - The Xiamen City Tour

The Anxi county tea tour takes you into the origin of Tieguanyin tea. Personally experience the selection and production of pure Tieguanyin tea and tour the profound tea culture history of Anxi Tieguanyin.

In this tea tour route, visitors will walk acres of Tieguanyin tea reserve, a taste of Anxi tea family style, and experience the tea picking and tea making. Visit the China Tea Museum, tea grand view, and others. The best tours are from April to June and from September to November.

Route 7: Fujian White Tea Tourism

Tour itinerary: Daping Town (Six Wonderful White Tea Manor) - Bai Liu (China’s white tea first village) – Ju Zhou (Mount Hill ancient dwellings) - Camellia market (around the tea product and taste wonderful white tea) - white tea production center- Mazu temple - around town taste delicacy – return

The Chinese white tea town, Diantou Town, is nationally famous. It has Fuding white tea. The town has a total of 5898 acres of tea plantations and was named "Fujian tea star township". Tour the "white tea Valley" and see its growing culture, including an ecological tea garden, the first Chinese white tea village, and features of ancient residential houses gathered together that form this distinctive tea tour. Here, in the scenery of the tea garden, you can experience the fun of a  tea picking experience, handmade tea, and a tea cultural experience.

Route 8: Gongfu Tea Tour in Chaozhou City

Tour route: Chaozhou - Wu Dong in Mount Phoenix - Tianchi tea industry demonstration base - Tianchi - Guangji Bridge - Memorial Street - Kaiyuan Temple - return

This is the hometown of Chaozhou people, and the hometown of Gongfu tea. This route includes modern Chaozhou City, and the Wu Dongshan cultural experience tour. The trip will arrange for tourists to enjoy the charm of this ancient city and see the Wu Dongshan style. This is a trip to experience the tea culture of the mountains where the mists always make good tea. Learn how a tree leaf has its unique aroma after a prolonged period of brewing. At the same time, take the chance to drink and understand the Phoenix Dancong, and learn to brew the traditional Chaozhou Gongfu tea.

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