Yin Na

Yin Na


Sharing the joy of tea with the world

People of China take their tea very seriously. Tea Art of China founder Yin Na comes from the great Chinese culture of the past.  She celebrates traditional Chinese beauty in the art of tea.  She has trained all over China to satisfy her great curiosity and desire to learn everything possible regarding tea.  She has completed all 3 levels of study and certification as a Senior Tea Art Specialist and is certified by the Chinese government through a series of exams.  She is qualified to teach all 3 levels of Tea Art Specialist courses. She is a published author and is considered one of China's leading tea experts. 

Through her book and website, Tea Art of China, Yin Na is connecting with people in the western hemisphere to understand all things regarding tea and the art of tea. In 2017, Yin Na partnered with tea entrepreneurs in Seattle, Washington, and formed Tea Art of China - A US/China Partnership.

Tea Art Specialists understand everything regarding selecting and enjoying the best possible tea.  They know that, for tea to be perfect, one must understand: 

     * The region each tea comes from is critical
     * The time of year it is harvested
     * Each producer may process the leaves differently - having a profound effect on flavor
     * How long it is aged
     * The temperature and type of water  

The perfect tea ceremony gives her great joy.  Sharing it with others is her life's dream.  She serves like ballet - the arm movements are beautiful, as is the rest of the environment (clothing, music, art, smell, etc.).  Through Tea Art of China, Yin Na's hopes to share the joy of tea to the world.