Golden Flower: The "Super Tea"

Golden Flower dark tea has the scientific name Eurotium Cristatuma. It has been re-discovered on the earth less than 30 years ago, and the active fungus in this special tea has been identified in just this millennium as Ganoderma Lucidum. This kind of fungus thrives in dark tea in Anhua, Hunan Province. This is the unique probiotic strain of dark tea in Anhua, Hunan. It is also called the probiotic of the Overlord Germ. Clinical studies have shown the bacteria can effectively inhibit the proliferation of colon, gastric and liver cancer cells. Under a high magnifying glass, the golden flower is golden yellow, shaped like a spherical mushroom. A large number of research and clinical data show that the efficacy of eurotium cristatum is similar to that of Ganoderma lucidum spore powder. It can effectively enhance human immune function, prevents and fights cancer, is anti-aging and prolongs life, and is a powerful anti-oxidant. In addition, the slimming effect is far beyond any other species.

The dark tea of Anhua has become the research hot spot of various scientific research institutions in the world. Recent Hunan Agricultural University studies have found that eurotium cristatum (Golden Flower) can play an active role in prolonging the life span of human beings. In addition, it also has a very significant effect on the improvement of intestinal, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, diabetes and other chronic diseases.

The golden flower is generally not easily washed out when tea is made, because the golden flower is grown on the tea. Experiments show that at 120 degrees Celsius, after 20 minutes, the flower remains active. The Golden Flower fungus is now the only fungus listed in China's tea industry as a high-level trade secret protected in China.

Brew method: Golden Flower Dark Tea
Place of Origin: Anhua City, Hunan Province,China
Dosage: eight to 10 grams of tea
Water temperature: boiling water
The brewing procedure: first wake up golden flower dark tea with boiling water, pour out the water after ten seconds. It's all right to wash it 1-2 times. If it is a black tea for more than 3 years old, it is recommended to wake the tea for 2 times. After washing, soak in boiling water. The first time to third times soaked 15 seconds or so, and then drink. An increase of five seconds each time from the fourth start.