Health Benefits of White Tea

1.    Antioxidant Properties: Presences of free radicals in the body is what leads to damage of different body organs. White tea contains polyphenols which helps in neutralizing these free radicals, making them less destructive to the body. Results of a study suggest that this tea may increase antioxidant effects of organs as well as plasma. Another study was done to investigate neuroprotective effect of white tea extract on hydrogen peroxide induced toxicity. The results of this study showed that white tea extracts with its antioxidant properties help in cell neuroprotection.

2.    Antiaging Properties: Presence of free radicals highly contribute to accelerated aging process that again comes with other challenges that are associated with advancement in age. White tea with its antioxidant property may also reduce the risk of premature aging.

3.    Healthy and youthful skin: White tea also helps in maintaining healthy and youthful skin. Use of this tea is recommended due to its antioxidant properties which help in quick repair and recovery of damaged skin. It is also beneficial in protecting skin against effects of ultraviolet light.

4.    Oral health: Health benefits of white tea include improvement in oral health. The presence of polyphenols, flavonoids and tannins help in inhibiting growth of various bacteria that may cause plaque formation. The fluoride content found in this tea may also be effective in reducing risk of dental caries or tooth decay/cavity.

5.    Cancer prevention: Just like green tea, white tea may be beneficial in preventing cancer such as lung cancer. Research suggests that this tea is a potential anticancer, chemo preventive agent and its extract may induce apoptosis or cell death and may help in preventing new cell growth in lung cancer. It has antimutagenic properties as well. Further research is needed to identify and confirm anticancer properties of white tea for other types of cancer.

6.    Effects on diabetes: Result of a research study suggests that intake of white tea may provide relief to diabetic people from symptoms such as excessive thirst (polydipsia), decrease plasma glucose levels and increase insulin secretion.

7.    Cardiovascular disorder: Flavonoids found in white tea is associated with decreased risk of cardiovascular disorder. The flavonoids help decreasing the blood pressure. It also helps in improving dyslipidemia, endothelial function and inhibits low-density lipoprotein oxidation. Consumption of this form of tea rich in flavonoids may reduce the risk of various cardiovascular disorders.

8.    Antibacterial properties: Diseases and medical conditions are mainly caused by pathogens which attack the immune system making the body to operate under the normal capacity. White tea has antibacterial properties which can protect our skin from bacteria and other germs. Various products such as hand soap are made using this tea as a key ingredient. Consumption of white tea helps in protecting our body from infection causing bacteria and other microorganisms.

9.    Common Cold: White tea is a good remedy for various common diseases. Intake of white tea provides relief to those suffering from flu and common cold.

10.    Weight loss: Studies suggest that intake of white tea may prevent adipogenesis, which is the the process of formation of fat cells, and may control the life cycle of these fat cells called as adipocytes. This property has also been confirmed to exist in Pu’erh.