Sourcing The Best Tea in China is a Challenge We Know Well

At Tea Art of China, we don’t sell all the tea in China – Only the Best. Sourcing tea is a major challenge and there are many quality problems we find often The Proof is in the Flavor – and Testing

Tea leaves sprout at about the same time.  The youngest leaves are by far the highest quality.  Young leaves command the highest prices.  SO – producers and wholesalers typically show you the best leaves and sell you the rest to maximize profit.  We are vigilant to catch them at this game.

  • We found high-quality leaves pressed into the outside of tea cakes with the old leaves hidden inside.
  • A famous producer of Pu’Erh say they sell all the freshest leaves aged twenty years.  The proof is in the flavor.  When tasted, either the tea was not aged as they said or the leaves were old.  The tea is bad. We find this constantly.
  • We don’t taste just what we are given.  We get samples.  Yin Na is an expert at testing and not easily fooled.   We have to be vigilant sourcing the best product for the best prices.

Here is what’s helped us succeed.

  1. Our Leader, Yin Na - Certified by the Chinese Government as a Tea Art Specialist at the Third Level, she is recognized by the government as one of the Top Tea Experts in China for TASTING, TESTING, SELECTING and PREPARING the Best Tea in China.  Her highly trained sense of taste and smell combined with her extreme knowledge of tea makes her an incredible asset – to you, our customers.
  2. Quality – Other wholesalers and manufacturers push their products to you saying they are the best.  We find that not true as we constantly see tricks to fool the buyer.
  3. Independence – We have no financial or other ties to any manufacturers or wholesalers.  This means we find simply the best in terms of price and quality with no reason to push a specific product over others.
  4. Ethical – We will be always vigilant to find the best products and prices for you, our customers. We will help you avoid the nightmares listed in the quality issues below.
  5. Easy for the Purchaser – Because we have no agreements to carry or recommend and one supplier, we will simply supply only one or two of each type of tea.  We will not have a laundry list of products.  We will supply only the best quality and the best deals.