Hijinx on the part of tea producers

It takes much effort and expense to purchase top quality green tea, top quality jasmine flowers.  Not only that, but there is great expense and effort to infuse the jasmine aroma and flavor into the green tea leaves.

Some unscrupulous tea suppliers have found a sneaky, cheap way out.  They add a chemical to imitate the flavor of good jasmine tea.  Yes, you can see some flowers in the tea, but the process of infusing the jasmine to the green tea has been totally avoided.  This means it is cheaper - and some of the health benefits of jasmine tea are compromised.

How do you discover if chemicals have been added to simulate jasmine aroma and flavor?

  1. The smell and taste are pleasant - but not quite right.
  2. If you use water to make tea, after about three water applications, the jasmine flavor has all washed away and you are left with a slightly bitter taste.

Half of the jasmine teas we have tested have utilized the chemical approach.

  1. Get the best.  We only recommend teas if they have passed complete and thorough testing - of OURS.
  2. We don't accept "tea taste" winners from mysterious tasting organizations where the amount of "donation" decides winners and loser.  We do the testing ourselves - and will sell any product.  Independence is a must.