How Tea Producers Weaken Their Products

Here are examples of the current state of the tea industry - showing how Tea Art of China truly benefits tea distributors and consumers:

  • The best tea is the first harvested
  • All tea blooms at the same time
  • First cut leaves are extremely expensive since they are the best and in limited supply
  • Tea producers work to maximize profit
  • Tea producers can't all sell just the first cut - so they blend new with middle and also some last cuts.
  • The unscrupulous will show the best and deliver the rest

More unscrupulous producers will hide what they send by a myriad of tricks such as:

  • Selling Pu'erh cakes of pressed tea - with wonderful leaves on the outside and garbage on the inside (we have documented on our website).  Cut yours apart and examine.  Perhaps you will see.
  • Instead of waiting for the expensive process of infusing green tea with jasmine - they take the easy and cheap route of throwing jasmine and green tea together and using a chemical perfume to add the jasmine flavor.

As an independent tea selection vendor, we are much different than producer providers and tea brokers who have special arrangements with production companies to sell their teas. Our only mission is to provide the top quality teas of China at the lowest price and by doing so, to achieve a prosperous long-term relationship with our customers. 

We provide you access the tea market in China based on honesty, integrity, top quality - and commitment to build long term committed relationships with dealers.  Providing the best tea, product information and suggestions for growing your business – which will also grows ours. 

We offer independent access deep into the rich tea resources of China and we refuse to align with specific producers to compromise integrity.

With our founder, Yin Na's amazing knowledge and dedication, we offer the following:

  • Best tea - we inspect everything and reject bad leaves.  Na, certified as one of the top tea experts in China, is unique in tasting and testing capability.  Yes, to supply the best tea, our margins are MUCH lower than producers - but prices match or are less than theirs - for consistent better quality.  Our products are sold with windows in packaging where possible - so you can see all the leaves you are getting. 
  • Best service - we provide education and training for you, our dealers, so you know WHY our products are the best - and know how to honestly and convincingly prove to your customers the superiority of the products you sell.
  • Best communication - we encourage you to ask any questions and, if you wish, will send helpful information to increase sales.  Unless you, our dealers, are making amazing sales, we aren't reaching our goals.